As simple as you want or as complex as you can handle


Many people look at our systems and wonder why on earth they need such apparent complexity when it comes to keeping records.


The first thing to appreciate is that record keeping takes many forms and serves many areas of the business. It is never quite the simple matter of storing a few client addresses and telephone numbers.


It is crucial to appreciate that all our systems really are very simply to use. many of our clients have testified that when they bought our software they warned us they would need a lot of training and support. We meet them at regular intervals where they tell us we have actually helped them learn to use a computer as our systems are designed in such a way that they are intuitive and designed to fit in the way they work.


They have realised that when faced with a seemingly complex screen there is only a minimal amount of information required to be entered. So on a Client window for example, all you actually need to enter is a First and Last Name. anything else is a bonus. Of course, the old adage "the more you put in the more you get out" is true, but if you are just starting to use a record keeping system, then keep it simple.


You can take our word for it, that over a relatively short period of time, you will start using more functionality of the system and one day will look back and truly say "I wonder how I ever did without that" without even realising it.


That is what any good record keeping system should do. Be simple, not get in the way, adapt to your leaning requirements and business needs and ultimately become the only tool you need to help manage your business.


So don't be daunted, start off slowly and let the system grow with you as your expertise and demands increase. You will not regret it.