Desktop Vs. Mobile?


In this article we will try to help you decide which is the way forward for you and your business. Whether you decide on a desktop/laptop/netbook version or a Mobile/Smartphone version really depends on how you want to work, such as your need to access and input information on the road or at home and also your invoicing preferences.

Mobile Version

Why is cloud computing of benefit to Trimmers?


1. One of the major advantages of a mobile version is that information is stored in the "cloud".


No need to manually updates. All updates are free and made behind the scenes. You simply see new features and enhancements each time you log in to your account


All your records are backed up, meaning you can access your account from any Internet device.


Did a horse just step on your laptop? Have you lost your mobile phone - no problem. Just log in to your account from another device and all your records will still be there


Your information can be accessed and updated by any number of users (with your permission) at any time with everyone seeing the latest information when they log in.

Cloud computing involves shared resources that are stored and managed at remote locations and then pushed to your mobile device via the Internet. This method has one major disadvantage in that an Internet connection is required and for trimmers working in remote areas this can be a problem and needs to be considered carefully before deciding on the option for you.

Desktop/Laptop/Netbook Version


The one major advantage of the Desktop version is that it does NOT require an Internet connection - your information is stored locally on the machine and is always available to you. If the majority of your clients are situated in remote areas where Internet access can be sporadic then maybe the Desktop version is the answer for you.


All backups are carried out automatically on the machine and can be backed up to any external device such as a "flash drive"/CD or DVD.

A Combination of the Desktop & Mobile Versions

We have recognised that both versions have advantages and disadvantages so here at Ambrit we are now synchronising both versions so that at a click of a button you will be able to send the information backwards and forwards between the two. This will be an invaluable feature meaning that you can use the Mobile version when you have an Internet connection and the Desktop version when a connection is not available.


Ultimately, selecting a system that works for your business means first looking at your requirements and how you want to work and then looking at the software to compare the features.