All our software is designed to run on the Windows operating system. However, it will also run on any Apple Mac machine that has BootCamp installed. All the latest MAC machines come with BootCamp pre installed. Being Microsoft Partners we will always support all future version of the Windows operating system and are already looking into the changes required for Windows 8 support.


We have taken the decision to design predominately for the Windows operating system as, in our opinion, that tends to support the business community better than Apple, whereas Apple undoubtedly supports graphical work much better than Microsoft. As our systems are professional record keeping systems, then we feel that we are delivering a business solution.

What about the iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices?

We have now launched our new mobile service. In a nutshell, this is a Cloud service that allows you to run a similar system to our main products over the Internet. This will run on any current and future device capable of Internet connection.